Property Repair & Investment
Major & Minor Repairs
We provide quick turn around to prepare properties for sale & rent, including code violation repairs and complete repairs. Services include:

• Carpentry
• Paint
• Roofing
• Electrical
• Plumbing
• Windows & Doors
• Siding
• Kitchen & Baths

When a property cannot be occupied or visited on a regular basis, the best alternative is to properly winterize the property. Winterizations (even in Texas) will keep the property from encountering water damage due to busted pipes.

Interior / Exterior Debris Removal
Removing all interior and exterior debris from an REO / Property Preservation property will let the neighborhood know this property is being properly maintained. When necessary, we will employ a professional roll-off service ensuring that ALL of the items remaining after a property has been vacated or abandoned are removed.

Occupancy Checks & Inspections
Performing professional occupancy checks for our REO/Property Preservation clients is of the utmost importance. Elite Properties will do everythin possible to verify occupancy and prepare properties for inspection.
• Pre & Post Foreclosure Inspection
• Bankruptcy/Drive-by Inspection
• Verify Occupancy Inspection
• Conveyance Inspection
• Sale Date Inspection
• Vacant (Walk-Through) Inspection
• Mobile Home Inspection
• Bankruptcy Inspections
• Drive by Inspections
• Sale Date Inspections
• Insurance Casualty Inspections
• Construction Progress Inspections
• Merchant Site Inspections
• HUD Inspections
• 24-Hour Rush Inspections
• Insurance Loss Draft Inspections